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Avoid CO2 emissions, save on travel, accommodation and material costs.  Effie events are a sustainable international meeting point as they are held in a 3D virtual conference centre.

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Get qualified leads

We find it a very efficient alternative to get qualified leads.

Alberto Guillén SOCOMEC Energy Efficiency Sales Specialist
Networking has never been so efficient and effective

It is amazing the amount of opportunities that you can get in this virtual trade fair. From exhibiting a 3D product to explaining a service in a simple and innovative way. The probabilities of closing sales are higher as the same website allows both suppliers and costumers to be in real time without leaving their offices nor paying additional costs.

Sergio Beltrán AXON TIME Sales Manager
Get to know new business models

In Cliensol we like to innovate and this new format of virtual event is very interesting for us to be even more efficient and to know new business models. We like to bet on new projects and, as we usually say, "everything is to be invented."

Tomás García CLIENSOL ENERGY Managing Director
Innovation needed in the energy industry

At the EFFIE congress, entrepreneurs from all over the world and major brands can meet in the same virtual environment. Get to know the latest news, products and influential people in energy efficiency. Technology eliminates the geographical barriers and budgets of traditional trade fairs and congresses and allows networking at a high level.

As an entrepreneur, I consider that it is an opportunity to optimise time and costs of participation in a trade fair.

Adrián Gómez ENTREPRENEUR Energy Efficiency Advisor
A unique energy efficiency and control platform for an innovative event

In our company the term innovation is part of us, of our environment and our culture. And so we decided to collaborate with those brave and innovators, who give us new ideas and ways of doing things.

A virtual trade fair of these characteristics, allows us to explore new communication areas in which to connect with our customers and our environment to share impressions, initiatives and the most important thing: the ideas.

Moreover, what better way than this event to present, in different way, the evolution of our UWP platform for energy efficiency and active control, unique in the market for its versatility, modularity and flexibility for multiple applications.

José Luis Fierro Carlo Gavazzi Managing Director

Bhishma Hernández Clever Solar Devices


Institutions, companies and other organisations that support this initiative

Federación Nacional de Gestores Energéticos
Revista Ecomotion Movilidad Sostenible
Facility Managment
Asociación de Consumidores de Electricidad
Asociación de Empresas de Eficiencia Energética
UPM - Escuela técnica de ingenieros de minas y energía
Revista MZE
revista energética
A3e Asociación Eficiencia Energética
Clúster Energía Comunidad Valenciana
Future Energy
Unión Española Fotovoltaica
Agencia de Sostenibilidad Energética de Chile
Diputación de Valencia
Ministerio para la transición ecológica y el reto demográfico
APPA Renovables
Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Eficiencia Energética
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