CEEC will participate in Effie 2020 international fairs.

CEEC will participate in Effie 2020 international fairs.

CEEC will participate in Effie 2020 international fairs.

El Clúster de l'Energia Eficient de Catalunya (CEEC) is a group of companies and non-profit organisations from different fields such as technology, research, institutions, regulations, industry, information and business, whose aim is to promote Efficient Energy. CEEC has more than 160 members representing the entire value chain of the clean and efficient energy sector in Catalonia.

We are very pleased to be able to announce this new incorporation, as the CEEC, through its activity, promotes and spreads products or services with the same aim as Effie Virtual Congress, that is, the development of efficient energy. El Clúster is based on the collaboration between the companies and associated entities to obtain the benefits derived from the synergy between them, in fields of action such as buildings, mobility, public services, industry and training. 

We would like to highlight 3 of their main objectives with which we feel they represent Effie's mission very well and which we will surely see reflected in the virtual fairs: 

- Strengthen the energy efficiency sector and achieve its external projection.
- To favour innovation and its application in the market.
- To unify a position of the sector to strengthen its role in society as a whole.

More and more companies are committed to energy efficiency and sustainable mobility every day. The countdown starts!

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