Conferences on innovation in renewable energy

Conferences on innovation in renewable energy

Conferences on innovation in renewable energy

Effie Solar 2020 will feature professionals and experts from the renewable energy industry, who will bring the latest news and talk about solar energy at different conferences. You can discover all the confirmed conferences here.

On March 11th, the second day of the trade fair, the conferences on innovation in renewable energy will be held, with a confirmed speaker:

David Jesús Yáñez, co-founder of Vortex Bladeless, who will explain the fundamentals of the bladeless wind technology they have developed.

Specifically, it will show the origin of the idea and the three main technical challenges that have been faced to develop a turbine capable of transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity without any type of rotor, gearbox or mechanism that requires lubrication. It will show the advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional wind turbines and the next steps that are being taken for its commercialisation.

The registration period for this type of conference is open until February 14th. Please, send an email to if you want to participate.

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