EFFIE virtual events expand market in Europe and Latin America

EFFIE virtual events expand market in Europe and Latin America

EFFIE virtual events expand market in Europe and Latin America

In May 2019, the first virtual trade fair on energy efficiency of Effie Spain was held in which participated Spanish companies and visitors from all over the world. In 2020, and thanks to the commercial distribution agreement signed by the organising company with the German firm SameBoat, this event will become a virtual international exhibition trade fair-congress in which European companies will also be able to participate. 

Walcon Virtual is currently signing agreements with commercial distributors from several countries in South America, such as Argentina and Colombia, which will allow Latin American companies to participate in the events.

In order to provide service to international companies, the organising company has provided itself with specialised personnel and technical resources that will allow them to hold virtual commercial meetings with the new profiles of exhibiting companies.

In the next editions scheduled for 2020, companies, associations, the media, universities and governments will meet, providing their perspective through virtual conferences and exhibiting in the exhibition areas the latest developments to curb climate change (products, services and R&D&I). The main topics of the events will be: Renewable energies, self-consumption, energy efficiency, environmental innovation and sustainable mobility. The technology on which these trade fairs are developed offers the possibility for participants to speak by voice or chat with both exhibitors and speakers and other visitors.

These events also result in cost reductions in travel, accommodation and materials, which leads to significant economic cost reductions and a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar physical events. Therefore, they are a great opportunity to meet foreign companies and get to know other markets.

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