Effie virtual extends its trade fairs calendar for 2020

Effie virtual extends its trade fairs calendar for 2020

Effie virtual extends its trade fairs calendar for 2020

The participants of the first edition of Effie gave their opinion on the event through a quality survey that was carried out at the end of the event. This has been very important for the planning of next year's virtual trade fair calendar.

Visitors of the first edition showed their interest in three areas: Solar energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicles

The first event will be held from 10 to 13 March and it will focus on solar energy. It will have some interesting conferences where more than 40 speakers will take part, and the main topics will be self-consumption, solar thermal energy and solar photovoltaic energy.

Each event will be available for 4 days

The second event of the year will be the second edition of Effie Efficiency which will take place from 12 to 15 May. More than 70 companies whose business is oriented towards energy saving and environmental sustainability will participate in this fair.

More than half of the exhibiting companies from the previous edition have once again confirmed their participation.

The third fair will be totally revolutionary, as it is the first virtual event of sustainable mobility and electric vehicles that will be organised at an international level: Effie Mobility. Between 27 and 30 October, more than 50 brands will show their new products to the market in a totally innovative way. 

Effie will keep you informed of the news for these events. 

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