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Linkener: Platinum Sponsor for the second consecutive year

Linkener: Platinum Sponsor for the second consecutive year

Effie's sponsors are key to making this event a success. Linkener will be present again, in the second edition of Effie Efficiency 2020, as a Platinum Sponsor, where its brand will have an exclusive presence in one of the exhibition halls. The company will have one of the most spectacular stands at the event, including eye-catching 3D rotating elements.

Linkener is a company specialised in energy efficiency technological solutions for energy marketers, energy consulting and engineering firms, and large companies. Among these solutions, there is a secondary meter, also called submetering, which provides very detailed data in real time from machines, warehouses or any other premises independent of the meter that generates the bill.

Exclusive conference by Sergio Ferrer, CEO of Linkener

Since its beginning in 2014, Sergio Ferrer, Industrial Engineer specialised in energy and Linkener's CEO, has developed the latest hardware and software technologies to improve the energy efficiency of companies and organisations.

More than 400 distributors and more than 5,000 points of metering, performance and energy management installed in Spain, Italy and Portugal

Sergio Ferrer, Linkener's CEO, will hold a conference on the opening day of the event from the Effie's auditorium. In this conference he will talk about the need to monitor electrical consumption to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies.


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