Vortex, Bladeless Wind Turbines

Vortex, Bladeless Wind Turbines

Vortex, Bladeless Wind Turbines

David Yáñez, industrial engineer and creator of 9 patent families, is the founding partner of Vortex Bladeless. This technological start-up, founded in 2014, has developed an environmentally friendly wind turbine that does not need blades.

It is an alternative and innovative way of harnessing wind energy, with radically different characteristics to conventional wind power generation. It also significantly reduces the carbon footprint, as there is no need for lubricants, so there are no negative effects. Silent and harmless to birds.

Recognised with many business awards for innovation and entrepreneurship

Yáñez, in his conference at Effie Solar 2020, which will be held between March 10th and 13th, will explain the fundamentals of bladeless wind technology and the origin of the idea as well as the main technical challenges faced to develop a turbine capable of transforming wind kinetic energy into electricity without any type of rotor, gearbox or mechanism that requires lubrication.


How does it work?

It is a wind turbine based on aeroelastic resonance. It harnesses wind energy through the phenomenon Vortex Shedding.

Basically, a wind turbine without blades consists of a fixed vertical cylinder on an elastic rod that is embedded in the ground. The cylinder oscillates in a range of wind speed, which then transforms mechanical energy into electricity by means of an alternator. In other words, it is a wind turbine that is not actually a turbine.


"Start-up of the Year" (The South Summit Awards, 2014)

"Seal of Excellence" (European Commission programme H2020, 2017)

"Innovative SME Award" (Government of Spain, 2017)



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