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EFFIE 2020: Virtual events to bring solutions to stop climate change
EFFIE 2020: Virtual events to bring solutions to stop climate change

EFFIE 2020: Virtual events to bring solutions to stop climate change

The Spanish company Walcon Virtual, specialised in the organisation of sustainable VR events, announces three new international EFFIE trade fairs for 2020: in March Effie Solar, in May Effie Efficiency and in October Effie Mobility.

These events will be a meeting place where businessmen, public administrations, associations, NGOs, academics and consumers will meet, within an online virtual environment, to bring news and to discuss solutions that can help us ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Effie already has the support of associations such as A3E (Association of Energy Efficiency Companies), APPA (Association of Renewable Energy Companies), AEDIVE (Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles) or PTE-ee (Spanish Technological Platform for Energy Efficiency), among others. Universities such as the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) or the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) will also participate in these new editions.
Well-established national and international energy brands such as Carlo Gavazzi, Bornay, Stegotronic, Suministros Orduña, Axon Time, Sensitive Data and Tecniq, which were pioneers and were present in the first edition, have confirmed that they will participate again in 2020. Public bodies such as the Provincial Council of Valencia and specialised media partners such as Energética XXI, Ielektro, Futur-energy, SolarNews, will participate again as well along with new ones such as MZE.

This type of virtual event means savings in travel, accommodation and material, which leads to significant economic savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar face-to-face events.

Effie Spain 2019 was the first 100% virtual international trade fair on energy efficiency and it was held last May and attended by more than 1,300 visitors, 50 exhibitors, located in 5 halls, and 25 speakers, with a total of 2,500 accesses and more than 10,000 interactions. After this first successful trade fair, three new events are being organised and much higher participation figures are expected.

Effie Solar will be held between March 10th and 13th 2020 and it will have more than 50 exhibitors located in 5 halls, as well as speakers and partners who will participate in the expert conferences on self-consumption, photovoltaic energy and solar thermal energy. It is worth mentioning the participation of speakers such as Jorge Morales, Geoatlanter's Managing Director and well-known person in several media, or Luis Navarro, Cubierta Solar's Managing Director. The keynote speaker of the trade fair will be Mario Picazo, who will be speaking from the United States.

Effie Efficiency will open its doors on May 12th and it can be visited until May 15th. In this second edition, the number of halls will be increased to 10 and the number of exhibitors to 100. New products and services related to energy efficiency will be exhibited as well as the latest innovations related to environmental protection.

Effie Mobility will be held between October 27th and 30th 2020, with 7 halls and more than 80 exhibitors. This first edition of the trade fair on electric vehicles and sustainable mobility will bring together a large number of companies and visitors who will learn firsthand the latest developments in one of the industries that is introducing more products to the market.

The catalogue of exhibitors and the conference programme of these events are constantly updated every week with new firms and experts that confirm their participation. All of them, as well as visitors, will be able to attend from anywhere in the world comfortably from their computer, tablet or mobile phone, without having to travel.

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