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Many people have already lived the Effie experience and this is what they think about it.

Alberto Guillén Energy Efficiency Sales Specialist SOCOMEC Effie Spain 2019

Get qualified leads

Alberto Guillén
SOCOMEC Energy Efficiency Sales Specialist
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Sergio Beltrán Aznar - Sales Manager at Axon Time

Networking has never been so efficient and effective

Sergio Beltrán
AXON TIME Sales Manager
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Tomás García - Director at Cliensol Energy

Get to know new business models

Tomás García
CLIENSOL ENERGY Managing Director
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Adrián Gómez - Entrepreneur, Influencer and Energy Advisor

Innovation needed in the energy industry

Adrián Gómez
ENTREPRENEUR Energy Efficiency Advisor
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José Luis Fierro Managing Director at Carlo Gavazzi

A unique energy efficiency and control platform for an innovative event

José Luis Fierro
Carlo Gavazzi Managing Director
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Bhishma Hernández

Bhishma Hernández
Clever Solar Devices
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