Trade fairs, congresses and VR environments in the energy industry

Why visit?

Why visiting our trade fairs?

  • To obtain an overview of all the specialised commercial offer on the market.
  • To attend two unique days without moving. Check out the domestic and international trends and developments in energy efficiency presented at the same venue you can attend without needing to travel.
  • To download presentations, dossiers, videos and business cards from exhibitors and/or sponsors that you can save directly in your bag or computer. You will always have the information and contacts you make at trade fair close at hand.
  • To initiate, continue or close purchase and order processes with the distribution channel at the fair.
  • To take part in networking sessions.
  • To schedule meetings with sponsors and/or exhibitors.
  • To strengthen business relationships with existing contacts.
  • To analyse and verify the features of potential new suppliers’ products and/or services directly.
  • To widen your knowledge and application of technologies and services.
  • To directly compare the features of all the specialised offers.
  • To obtain distribution agreements for products and/or services.
  • Social action. By purchasing your access code you will be collaborating with a project to combat energy poverty.
  • Obtain the information required to assess the options of your future participation as an exhibitor.
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