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Children change their wishes this Christmas
Children change their wishes this Christmas

Children change their wishes this Christmas

This year we will not have to stand in long lines to buy the fashion gift, nor will we have to buy our gifts online one month ahead of Christmas Day, nor will we have to spend a lot of money to make our children happy, because young women like Greta Thunberg or Licypriya Kangujam have started a trend that is dragging millions of young people and children to defend, above all, their right to have a better future.

The EFFIE’s events join the cause and create a Christmas campaign in which a group of children say that they have been good this year and that they will therefore ask for a very special gift to Santa. What these children are asking for are not toys, dolls, consoles or video games, but something much more important to them: "A planet as good as new." This is the most necessary gift in order to guarantee a future in which, as one of the children says in the video: "we and our children can play in the shade of trees."

This campaign aims to make parents reflect, on dates so influenced by materialism, that the main desires of our children are not satisfied by buying things and that we must be open-minded and start thinking about the things we can do to be more efficient and try to reverse the damage we have caused to our planet in recent decades.

EFFIE is a brand that is committed to VR technology as a means of international communication and it has created events that avoid tons of CO2 emissions in travel, accommodation and materials (mainly plastics). In addition, all the events to be held in 2020 will become an ideal meeting point for consumers, administrations, associations, entrepreneurs and academics who will share experiences, knowledge and innovations that can be useful to curb climate change.

The EFFIE's events for 2020 will address topics such as renewable energies, energy self-consumption, energy efficiency and environmental innovation, as well as sustainable mobility. And they will bring these topics closer to the general public, who will be able to attend comfortably, as they are held in a virtual environment and are accessible from a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

Throughout the Christmas campaign EFFIE gives away tickets for the events, so those interested in attending any of the events only have to enter the website and sign up with the code FREEVISIT_XMAS19 in order to get free tickets.

After the launch of this campaign, the brand will start a contest on social networks inviting children to send photos of Christmas decorations made with recycled materials and if they win they will receive amusing books and educational games to learn as a family how to protect our planet.

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